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Sustainable work wear for Government and Municipality

Inspire sustainable work wear for Government and Municipality is in line with the goals set by the governments itself to invest in a better world. The municipality is pre-eminently the place to show that they can do something different, be better, and spread a message. There isn’t any place that does more purchasing than municipalities, from functions at the office to the frontline, from togas to ushers and security guards. Almost everything can be made with Inspire.

The ‘EcoToga’, also a product of DutchSpirit, has been produced by ‘De Togamaker’ from Amsterdam. In addition, there are a lot of clothes that consist of one of the most polluting and wasteful combination: polyester/cotton. One-time use and then it becomes waste or a cleaning-rag. Inspire is fully recyclable, but that isn’t all. This unique fabric is, because of the different coatings, fully custom-made. Your wish is our command!

There is a coating for every function. For example, 3XDRY, which drains perspiration from the inside and is waterproof on the outside. Ideal for any weather condition! How about a cooler fabric that reflects UV-light and doesn’t absorb the heat from the sun? Or a fabric that, in cold times, does absorb sun light and warms up the clothing? Anything is possible, please click here for all the possible coatings.