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Open Platform Circular Workwear

DutchSpirit develops the open platform circular workwear which can be used by every workwear supplier to offer 100% circular workwear.

DutchSpirit is currently developing the Open Platform Circular Workwear. This platform offers every supplier the opportunity to manufacture and deliver 100% circular workwear. DutchSpirit directs and guarantees the total recycling system.

Circular purchasing

Many companies have placed circular purchasing high on their CSR priority list. However, there are only few opportunities to purchase circular workwear. DutchSpirit is changing this by offering every manufacturer her unique, 100% recyclable workwear fabric called ‘Inspire’. This means that circular clothing, with its familiar fit and conditions, is available to every company.


In 2013 DutchSpirit developed ‘Inspire’, to replace widely popular but environmentally damaging polyester/cotton. The objective was to develop a fabric with pleasant wearing comfort, a long lifespan, colorfast and recyclable. Schoeller Textiles from Switzerland, global player in high tech fabrics, created ‘Inspire’ especially for DutchSpirit; a breathable, cool and very strong fabric.

Closed cycle

The Open Platform Circular Workwear is a closed cycle of fabrics, clothing, recycling and upgrading to yarns for new fabrics. This makes Inspire infinitely recyclable with an unprecedented savings on raw materials, energy consumption and pollution. By not sticking to specific manufacturers and suppliers, DutchSpirit aims for scale size so that the use of Inspire increases and the price drops.

Conditions of participation

Together with MVO Nederland, DutchSpirit is working on the conditions we set out for each part of the cycle. For example, we set out conditions for substances like BlueSign or Cradle to Cradle certification, for production under good working conditions, for means of transportation, for eco-friendly cleaning and for production that focusses on the simple recycling of clothing. By raising the bar to a higher standard within each part of the cycle, the entire chain is challenged to contribute to a better world.


Partners who support this project wholeheartedly are MVO Nederland, Schoeller Textiles, JJH Textiles, Initial, De Berkel and Royal Van Puijenbroek Textiel.