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Sustainable work wear for Construction Sector

Working in the construction sector. Often outdoor and there is no predicting the weather. Summer heat, winter frosts, working outside in the rain. If you make an informed choice and chose sustainable work wear, you do not only show you care, but you will also differentiate yourself from the rest. Inspire sustainable work wear for construction sector is the best choice!

Whether we’re talking about work trousers, overalls, coats, Inspire is a good basis for a longer life span and more comfort. Plus, it is fully recyclable.

The ‘heavy’ version of Inspire would be perfect for the construction sector. The heavy work will also leave its mark on the clothes so it requires a heavier quality fabric. Different coatings determine the comfort of the people who wear the clothes:

  • 3XDRY for all users, high comfort because of the active drain of perspiration and a waterproof outside.
  • Solar+ during winter provides more warmth and space because the coats are less thick.
  • Coldblack during summer, cooling with UV-protection.