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In summary

Are you interested in sustainable workwear? Please see below in summary how to proceed.

Free choice

  1. You are satisfied with your current supplier? You do not need to switch to a different supplier. We would love to work together with your supplier (under sustainability conditions). Shapes/fittings, or other processes, all will be the same as before. We offer our fabrics in all possible colours, so almost anything is possible.
  2. You are not satisfied and you would like to find a new supplier? We work together with different suppliers/producers of Inspire work wear that produce their clothes under FairWear conditions.  If needed, we can help you find a new supplier.


After use of the clothes you will return these to DutchSpirit for recycling. We’ll pay you €0,25 per kilo for Inspire clothes. You don´t pay any dumping costs and there is no waste. In addition, we´ll reimburse the balance of the waste of the supplier as well, also for € 0.30 per kilo.

We’ll gladly take from you the replaceable, used work wear (most of the time based on polyester/cotton). This way you can save unnecessary costs. We strive to make sure that all these clothes will be reused or recycled.

Contact us to discuss the possibilites. We’d love to help you!