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The objective of DutchSpirit is to make the textile industry sustainable and find solutions for the waste streams. We want to make a better world and we believe in fair business. A new economy where transparency, honesty, and involvement are the main drivers.

Since 2010, DutchSpirit has developed several concepts. DutchSpirit developed the first sustainable work wear fabric ‘Returnity’ in association with the Austrian company Backhausen. This producer of fabrics for furniture and curtains has developed the first clothing fabrics at the request of DutchSpirit. The new collaboration with Schoeller and the development of Inspire is an important next step.

DutchSpirit has been producing sustainable custom-made suits successfully for many years. Suits in which you can be seen, suits that guarantee top quality, that are carbon neutral and are for sale or lease.

Finally, DutchSpirit contributes to reduce the amount of waste in the textile industry. We introduce new fabrics in this market that are recyclable and therefore create no waste. We are always looking for solutions for the existing waste streams.

DutchSpirit is one of the frontrunners for the ministry of infrastructure and environment in The Netherlands.