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The new generation of work wear is led by the Inspire fabrics. Sustainability and innovation, all wrapped together in one fabric.

Special polyester fibers
Made of fully recyclable polyester, Inspire can be recycled several times without losing its quality. Thence, Inspire fits the principles of circular economy and Cradle2Cradle. In contrast to the common polyester clothes, Inspire polyester is a woven thread of micro-fibers. As a result, the fabric feels like cotton and is worn with an amazing comfort.

BlueSign certified
Inspire is BlueSign certified. The BlueSign standard guarantees that, during the manufacturing process, harmful substances are eliminated and standards for an environmentally friendly and safe production are set and controlled. Each process step is screened for any hazardous additives through a unique ‘Input Stream Management’ system. This happens throughout the entire manufacturing process and not just at the end.

Click here for more information on BlueSign.

You can either buy Inspire with the obligation of restitution, or you can lease. DutchSpirit will, in both scenarios, take back the used clothes and for this, DutchSpirit will pay €0,25 per kilo. In many cases, companies pay fees for the disposal of their used work wear, in this case you will get your money back. That’s how the circular economy works, the resources have a certain value and we will reimburse you a part of that value.

European production
Inspire is produced in Europe. No low-wage countries, no underpaid employees and collaboration with business associates who are committed and fair. We strive to maintain employment throughout Europe, high quality materials, fair payment of employees and fair prices for our customers.

Climate neutral
Inspire is climate neutral. To compensate the CO2 that is emitted to produce our fabrics, we facilitate the planting of trees in forests.


The savings by recycling fabrics are huge! No oil-exploitation, refining, etc. but polyester melted back to granulate, new yarns made from that. Savings up to 80% on energy and water consumption have been calculated!