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Besides the fact that Inspire was developed to handle our commodities better, the special coatings make it a really innovative product. Inspire fabrics support the health of your employees and can even reduce absenteeism.

Look at these coatings as an accessory for a car, the extras you choose to drive safer, more pleasant or luxurious. Until now, we never looked at clothing like that before, which seems weird, because we spent many hours in our clothes every day. People usually choose their outfits based on the prices, not the functionality.

All coatings are also BlueSign certified. They are based on the lessons we learn from nature, the teachings of bio mimicry. Why does water slide from a leaf? Why does a duck stay dry and warm in the water? How do reptiles warm up so quickly in the sun? Etc.

3XDRY3XDRY coating, the feel good technology

3XDRY combines two 2 technologies on textile: the coating makes the outsides of the textile water repellent. On the inside of the textile it divides the liquid on a larger surface so it evaporates easily. 3XDRY: water repellent on the outside, water absorbent on the inside and dry in the blink of an eye. Click here for a short impression.

ecorepelEcorepel, clean and dry, naturally

The natural basis of water repellency, captured in a unique coating. Ecorepel is water repellent and perfect for soft-shell vests and coats. Water- and dirt repellent. Click here for a short impression.

active silverActiveSilver, inhibits bacterial growth, reserves freshness

Based on natural silver salts, ActiveSilver provides a bacteria inhibiting effect which prevents unpleasant odors. Very suitable for people working in warm environments, such as health care centers. Click here for a short impression.

coldblackColdblack, sun reflector, UV protector

Other than the name suggests, Coldblack coating is suitable for all dark colors in the fabrics. Dark fabrics absorb sunlight and warmth. Coldblack absorbs considerably less and protects against harmful UV-radiation. Coldblack contributes to a high level of comfort and working outside in the sun will be safer. Click here for a short impression.

solar plusSolar+, soak up the sun

Solar+ absorbs the heat of the sun. It provides extra warmth on cold days, even on thin fabrics. Solar+ is suitable for coats, because of this coating the coat will be less dense, thus more comfortable to work in. Click here for a short impression.

energearEnergear, save your energy

Sustainability is about saving energy, but how are we dealing with our own body energy? Energear is based on the age-old effect of crystals and reflects body energy. With Energear you will feel more fit, energetic, and powerful! Click here for a short impression.